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Believe it or not, regular physical activity can improve your sex life, decrease your cancer risk, and make your skin glow and more. Whether you’re already fit or looking for a little extra motivation! Origym’s women’s fitness classes Liverpool can certiantly help you get there!


  • Huge range of gym classes for women
  • Fun, exciting and enaging
  • Scheduled at all times of day

Origym’s women’s fitness classes in Liverpool work with clients to achieve their personal goals including weight loss, toning, increasing cardio fitness levels, aiding pain free movement or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

In addition to 1:1 personal training at Origym Liverpool we also offer women’s fitness classes. We have seen a huge rise in our fitness classes in Liverpool and it makes perfect sense!

Attend Fitness classes for Women Liverpool with a group of friends or work colleagues, it is a fun way to achieve your goals whilst making friends and socialising, as you burn fat, lose weight and increase your cardiovascular efficiency. The hour sessions include team games, pair and individual work but always take account of your own physical capabilities. It has the same principles as personal training but with the social, dynamic and motivating aspects of group personal training sessions or small group fitness classes.

We don’t simply throw you in at the deep end & expect you to keep up with everyone else. This group fitness class training programme is for clients of all levels of fitness, geared towards improving strength, fitness and quality of movement to help you in all aspects of sport and life in general, with tailored small group fitness Liverpool.

Origym is a fully personalised, supportive and relaxed environment where you can easily get in shape and fulfil all your fitness desires.

For every woman who is in need of a personal trainer, we can ensure

  • Team support
  • Boost up your confidence
  • Workout in a healthy environment.
  • Our members are always happy that they are provided with the fitness classes and healthy space to work in our studio.
  • Unlike the traditional Women’s Fitness Classes, we ensure that each and every one of our clients gets the maximum benefit out of it.

The hour-long fitness classes mix resistance, core, cardio and strength training to tighten and tone your whole body while burning serious calories, it also creates the perfect atmosphere to keep you energised and going strong.

Are you ready to experience our superb ladies only fitness classes?

Women’s fitness sessions Liverpool are like no other class out there; we offer an extensive timetable to suit all lifestyles, which means you don’t have to struggle to book into the sessions you want like other over-crowded gyms.

Have you ever:-

  • Felt intimidated by a large group environment
  • Attended fitness classes that are so packed full of people, leaving you stood at the back, not really knowing what to do
  • Struggled to book into the sessions you want to attend at your current gym?

Every session is delivered by one of our expert, fitness coaches, who have devised fun, varied workouts that accelerate you towards the results you desire.

What sort of fitness classes appeal to you?

We’ve got it covered:-

  • Yoga classes
  • Pilates classes
  • Personal training classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Outdoor personal training classes
  • Aerobics classes

Contact us now and we can arrange you a faster result that could help you maximise the level of your fitness and enhance your mental and physical health.

Get Fit, Healthy And Confident

Get Personal Trained by our team of experts and specialists the way you want

Online Personal Training

Get personal trained online through our innovative platform

Group Personal Training

Join in our group training sessions and get that class atmosphere

1-2- 1 Personal Training

Train privately with one of our expert trainers at times you want

Join our friendly community of members and staff and be a part of something more than just a gym

Whatever Your Goal, We Have An Expert Specifically For Your Needs

Origym has fitness trainers for every component of fitness and training

Nutrition & Diet Plans

Customised nutrition plans created by real experts

Sports Performance

Enhance your sporting and athletic performance through specific conditioning training for your sport

Fat Loss

Through scientific analysis, ranging from sleep patterns, through to hormonal profiling you can lose fat with our team of specialists

Muscle Tone and Conditioning

Tone and strengthen with our tailored nutrition and resistance training plans allowing you to reduce body fat whilst sustaining lean muscle

Postural & Injury Rehabilitation

If you have sustained an injury or have a postural issue that you need correcting, Origym’ team of qualified fitness trainers can help.

Muscle Building

Achieve lean tissue gains through our hypertrophy training programme combined with a nutrition plan to get you the muscular development you have always wanted

Locations We Operate In

  • Liverpool

  • Formby