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At Origym Liverpool were all about trying to make you the best version of you! We appreciate that everyone is different, has different goals, starting from alternative fitness levels and commitments levels outside of the gym.

Join our friendly community and let us guide you the full way to better health and the physique you have always wanted! Our support is unrivalled that is why we have become the largest chain of personal training studios operating in the UK.


  • The most cost effective Personal Training packages in Liverpool
  • Pay for your personal trainer Liverpool monthly
  • Get a personal trainer Liverpool for the price of one night out

One of the most common questions we encounter is why is our personal trainer costs Liverpool so much more costs effective than less qualified one off personal trainers or fitness trainers operating in your commercial gym. The personal training packages are designed to bring fitness to the masses and we don’t believe you should pay an arm and a leg to get expert health advice and support. Additionally Origym owns all our venues thus we don’t need to charge the rates other individual personal trainers do, giving you the best possible experience for a fantastic price.


  • No contracts
  • No Joining fees
  • Flexible personal training times
  • Open 7 days per week

At Origym we are that confident in our personal trainers Liverpool to deliver results that we offer a money back guarantee if you have not made the right progress with your fitness goals! Take advantage of our no joining fee and flexible contracts so joining has never been easier.

Choose the times that best suit you to book your personal trainer Liverpool and get trained professionally against your diary. At Origym we have slots available all the way from 6am until, 9pm, whether you want to nip in before work or on your way home, their will always be a time slot convenient for you.


  • Tried and tested
  • Have somebody to motivate & inspire you
  • Somebody to be accountable to
  • Work with the best personal trainers in Liverpool
  • Fitness specialists in every aspect of fitness

One to one personal training has been around since the fitness industry came into fruition and is tried and tested way of getting you into the best shape you can be. Origym’s personal training Liverpool will make you fully accountable as well as giving you expert guidance, support both in the gym and outside of it to get you to smash those fitness targets out of the park!

Origym’s personal training Liverpool is delivered dependent on the type of fitness goal you want to strive for. As our team has grown we have been able to acquire the best personal trainers Liverpool has to offer for each type of training, all so you can receive the best possible advice for whatever your goal. Origym has worked with professional athletes and people just like you, looking to get a little fitter and healthier, whatever your goal you will always get the 5 star treatment you deserve and the results to back it up.


  • Weight loss
  • Postural Correction
  • Sport specific training
  • Muscle gain
  • Toning & Conditioning

Whatever your goal, our personal trainer sessions Liverpool will be varied, dynamic and keep you on your toes. This will make each session as fun as the last! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or put a little muscle on, we have a fitness trainer for your needs.


  • Fully customised fitness plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Bio prints & tracking analysis

We always emphasise to every new client hat we are not a conventional gym, where you have no help and support. The average gym member lasts around 6 months, which compared to our average of 3 years tells you the story of why our members achieve and surpass their goals and really get the full value of their membership.

As soon as you sign up one of our friendly personal trainers Liverpool will get to work and set your goals with you and we will be tracking you throughout your time with us so you know the difference you have made since you started. Whether you are a seasoned trainer or making your first footsteps into fitness our personal fitness trainers Liverpool will write a fully tailored plan just for you and your schedule accompanied by a bespoke nutritional plan to mirror your fitness ambitions.


One word……Everybody!

Personal training is little for everybody, with a range of abilities, different somatypes and for all ages. Through a thorough client analysis our personal trainers Liverpool will develop a plan of action for you and you preferences, whether you prefer a more cardiovascular based workout, resistance orientated or functional based as long as it works to achieving your goals we want your exercise programme to primarily be fun and make you want to come back again and again.

With the huge range of cardiovascular, resistance and functional based apparatus in our customized fitness training centre in Liverpool, there are no inhibitors to the type of training that can be included in your weekly personal training programme. Training should be hard work but also it should be fun. Our cleverly designed bespoke programmes will integrate the balance between making your sessions truly engaging but also make sure you are getting challenged every time you step foot into your personal training session.

Get Fit, Healthy And Confident

Get Personal Trained by our team of experts and specialists the way you want

Online Personal Training

Get personal trained online through our innovative platform

Group Personal Training

Join in our group training sessions and get that class atmosphere

1-2- 1 Personal Training

Train privately with one of our expert trainers at times you want

Join our friendly community of members and staff and be a part of something more than just a gym

Whatever Your Goal, We Have An Expert Specifically For Your Needs

Origym has fitness trainers for every component of fitness and training

Nutrition & Diet Plans

Customised nutrition plans created by real experts

Sports Performance

Enhance your sporting and athletic performance through specific conditioning training for your sport

Fat Loss

Through scientific analysis, ranging from sleep patterns, through to hormonal profiling you can lose fat with our team of specialists

Muscle Tone and Conditioning

Tone and strengthen with our tailored nutrition and resistance training plans allowing you to reduce body fat whilst sustaining lean muscle

Postural & Injury Rehabilitation

If you have sustained an injury or have a postural issue that you need correcting, Origym’ team of qualified fitness trainers can help.

Muscle Building

Achieve lean tissue gains through our hypertrophy training programme combined with a nutrition plan to get you the muscular development you have always wanted

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