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Origym knows this and incorporates for both genders and a variety of different age groups including offering keep fit classes for senior citizens in Liverpool. If you are aged over 55 you can qualify for our senior citizen fitness classes and personal training for the elderly membership, that will give you access to Origym’s exclusive gym for senior citizens and personal training for a discounted rate.


You will get an automatic 15% discount if you are 55 and over at Origym’s gym for the senior citizens. Just bring your ID in with you when you sign up to either the keep fit classes for seniors or if you want to work with our specialised personal trainers for the elderly and you will receive an instant saving.

The senior citizen membership Liverpool will not just save you money, but it will give you access to specialised fitness classes for seniors which are fun, interactive and dynamic and are suitable for every level of trainer. You will still have open access to all our tailored services and other exercise classes that you are more than welcome to attend.


Origym offers a wide range of exercise classes for seniors in Liverpool including:


  • Specialised Fitness Programmes
  • Bespoke Nutritional plan
  • Qualified Personal Trainers for the elderly
  • Full Insured Senior Fitness Trainers

Origym has a large team of experts that focus on different aspects of fitness, styles of training and work with special populations. Origym has its very own senior fitness specialist in Liverpool that can write tailored made fitness programmes and give nutritional advice specifically for the elderly, whatever your goal and motive for wanting to start getting into the gym. Irrespective of what your age and goal is, whether you want to shed a few pounds, maintain and prolong your health or if fitness is completely new to you, our highly qualified senior fitness specialist can cusotmise every aspect of our service to your every requirement. The specialist fitness trainers have undergone specific fitness qualifications and training to be able to work with any special conditions or health issues if you require it or are feeling nervous if it will inhibit you from joining, there always happy to help and have a chat before starting.


  • Most of Origym’s members are referrals from other members
  • 90% of people who join stay beyond 12 months
  • 95% of people rejoin after leaving
  • More than just a gym

Origym is a community of both trainers and of course our lovely members. There is a fantastic social aspect to the gym, it is not just about turning up and going home after attending a senior exercise class. You will not just meet new people and start great friendships in the gym, but through the social events that Origym orchestrates outside of the gym it will allow you to engage with the trainers on a social level and each other as members.

Origym is very proud that the majority of our senior citizen gym membership Liverpool is consisted of direct referrals from very satisfied clients that continue to bring new faces to the gym.


There are more than just keep fit classes for seniors that Origym provides. You can access the best service in personal training for senior citizens Liverpool has to offer, especially if you are looking for that little bit more personalized service that personal training provides. Personal training can help you get fit, stay healthy as well as lose weight and tone up, whatever your goal the team love making a difference to people’s lives.

Personal training for the elderly is primarily the same as personal training for anybody else, you will get the full nine yards of 5 star treatment that you deserve each and every time you come to the gym. Unlike the keep fit classes for seniors Liverpool you everything will be completely perosnalised to you and your own fitness objectives. You will go an initial consultation and fitness analysis by the senior citizen fitness specialist to evaluate your health and capability level. Through working within your abilities a programme will be generated just fr you and what you want to achieve alongside a nutrition plan that is realistic and that you can stick to whilst your away from the gym. Regular updates as part of your senior citizen gym membership will occur that will keep you on track, motivated and really show you the progress you have made since you started. With the expert input from our specialist personal trainers for seniors you will hit your goals in no time and wonder why you never joined us sooner.


  • Specialist Gym Equipment For Senior Citizens
  • Brand New Functional Apparatus
  • The latest in fixed resistance and cardiovascular machinery
  • Large FREE Car Park & Next to the Train Station

The gym for senior citizens Liverpool is deliberately designed to cater for keep fit classes for seniors and personal training for the elderly in Liverpool. Origym is about fitness for all and we want you to be as comfortable as possible every time you attend the venue.

There is specialist functional apparatus that is designed to help senior citizens get the most from your training as it does not put any unwanted pressure on joints or bones that the equipment can induce. The Origym Liverpool was refurbished in the last months of December 2016 with all brand new equipment for you to use and feel safe when undergoing your senior personal training session in Liverpool.

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