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So we’re opening our doors for children to come and get fit, have fun with their school mates in our new kids-only sessions!

Origym Liverpool wants to give personal training for kids an opportunity to grow and learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, so these classes will provide advice as well as fun tailored workouts for children of different ages and fitness levels. We can cater for a number of things at Origym Liverpool:

  • Personal Training for children
  • Kids gym
  • Fitness for kids
  • Kids fitness classes

It is becoming more evident that many children are lacking the opportunity to be fit and healthy. Personal Training kids, is something that is becoming more readily available. Schools offer some activity as part of their compulsory curriculum; however, it does not cover the government activity guidelines for children needing to accumulate 60 minutes of moderate activity on a daily basis.

Origym Liverpool we are serious about fitness training for kids. We understand the challenges that parents face in getting their kids active and how difficult it can be to help them to develop fitness habits for life.  Given that 20% of children (10-11yrs) in the UK are now obese, many leaving school with diabetes, we need new activity options for young people.

Physical training for kids at Origym Liverpool, will give you the opportunity to take part in effective but fun sessions for children. Sessions will incorporate movement to develop balance, coordination, body and spatial awareness, confidence and social interaction; it basically becomes a kids gym! As children get older it is important to include more complex movement patterns which will challenge their senses, fitness levels and confidence and will also educate them about the benefits of physical activity!

Origym Liverpool Kids Fitness classes and games sessions are ideal for anyone interested in taking part in health-related exercise sessions for children, to broaden their skills to work within fitness and activity sessions.

Utilising skills and different activities to motivate children from the ages of five to fifteen, is paramount in our kids fitness training sessions. Origym Liverpool is also set up to run after school activities, holiday play and activity schemes and teaching on an already established children’s programme. Our personal trainers have extensive experience of working with children and throughout the sessions they will share their unique knowledge and practical experience with you.

Personal training kids fitness classes designed for five to fifteen year olds are about more than just keeping active. They boost self-confidence; encourage teamwork and socialising with other kids. We’ve combined our classes with techniques in speed, agility and stamina training – so kids gain skills under expert kids fitness instructors. As part of the club, kids enjoy being active, learn something new, make friends and have fun.

When it comes to learning a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts, boxing, general fitness, sports specific exercise, Origym Liverpool kids personal training is the way to go. Each 1-hour class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games. The highly-qualified personal trainers for children at Origym Liverpool coach the best from everyone in the class, adapting their approach to match mood and energy levels so everyone ends up feeling great.

Our kids fitness gym sessions provide a range of cardio equipment for children to exercise at their own pace such as rowers, treadmills, cross trainers, bikes. Also, our cardio equipment features iPod docks as well as built in so you can exercise to your own music or enjoy your favourite programmes.

Safety and fun are our main priorities, we have worked with kids for a number of years and our kids fitness programmes have proved very popular!

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