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In addition to 1:1 personal training at Origym Liverpool we also offer fitness group training. At Origym we have seen a huge rise in small group personal training in Liverpool and it makes perfect sense! Small group workouts training with a group of friends or work colleagues is a fun way to incorporate small group fitness training. You’ll motivate each other to stick to your training programmes, but also making group personal training more affordable.

It has the same principles as personal training but with the social, dynamic and motivating aspects of group pt sessions or small group fitness classes.

We don’t simply throw you in at the deep end & expect you to keep up with everyone else. This group personal training programme is for clients of all levels of fitness, geared towards improving strength, fitness and quality of movement to help you in all aspects of sport and life in general, with tailored small group fitness Liverpool.

That is the benefit of group fitness training at Origym Liverpool; we can tailor the level of the workout to the ability of the client at that precise moment in time.

All clients start with a 1:1 free 30 minute consultation, to plan the correct programming for your abilities, current level of fitness & goals that will tie in with personal training group sessions.

Everything you need is included for your success, whether it is for fat loss, build muscle, get stronger, fitter, faster or just move better in general.

  • Effective exercise programme
  • Nutrition programme
  • Support & motivation
  • Regular updates and progressions
  • Regular assessments

Origym Liverpool promote group exercise training, this is a great way to get in shape with a group of like minded and friendly people without having to plan your workout. Our personal training group sessions are structured and progressive that allow for guidance and progress through an awesome workout which will get you in great shape and keep you that way!

This isn’t like the typical gym fitness class programme where they might not know your name or know what makes you tick; this is group personal training sessions. We encourage small group fitness training to make sure you are reaching your goals by keeping each and every class strictly capped at 4-12 members maximum per session.

Many people are amazed at how flexible our training schedule is, we offer group personal training sessions Liverpool at times which accommodate all schedules, from early morning, lunchtime, evening to weekends. You can book online, over the phone or in person with any of our friendly staff.


…we offer an extensive timetable to suit all lifestyles, which means you don’t have to struggle to book into the sessions you want like other over-crowded gyms. Every session is delivered by one of our expert coaches, who have devised fun, varied workouts that accelerate you towards the results you desire.

What sort of group fitness classes appeal to you?

We’ve got it covered!

  • Group yoga classes
  • Group pilates classes
  • Group personal training
  • Group fitness classes
  • Group outdoor personal training
  • Group aerobics

Have you ever:

  • Felt intimidated by a large group environment
  • Attended fitness classes that are so packed full of people, leaving you stood at the back not really sure what you are supposed to be doing
  • Struggled to book into the sessions you want to attend at your current gym?

Planning and preparing group training programmes is what we do, also as mentioned earlier, nutritional plans, regular feedback on food and exercises diaries and frequent contact from your personal trainer to make sure you stay on track, working hard to get the results you want! This might be useful if perhaps you wanted to continue training with friends at other facilities to suit work/lifestyle factors, we can provide you with the correct programming for your fitness goals!

Sometimes it does feel awkward to walk into a gym where everyone actively avoids social interaction. We set out to be different at Origym Liverpool – and in part, the reason as to why our group workout sessions have proved so popular, we want to create a community.

Finally, group fitness has a significant and important side effect; it has helped to transform Origym Liverpool into a community. Human interaction, support, encouragement and friendship are among the chief reasons why Origym Liverpool has been so successful in helping individuals change their health and happiness. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet someone new and to help each other move toward similar goals of improved health and fitness.

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If you have sustained an injury or have a postural issue that you need correcting, Origym’ team of qualified fitness trainers can help.

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Achieve lean tissue gains through our hypertrophy training programme combined with a nutrition plan to get you the muscular development you have always wanted

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