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At Origym we have both top male and female personal trainers in Liverpool, as we know you might feel more comfortable with a female fitness trainer to conduct your fitness workouts with. Our female fitness experts Liverpool have inducted and trained people from every background and cover all fitness disciplines, whether its sports rehab, strength gain or if you just want to lose a few pounds, they are here to help!

Origym’s female personal trainer Liverpool, promote a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This is why our female personal trainers Liverpool are the most competent and effective in the city. Each one of our personal trainers has graduated through Origym’s own personal trainer courses, which are internationally accredited. The content of these fitness qualifications is a culmination of great theory knowledge and practicality. This is why our female personal trainers Liverpool can easily maximise your workouts so you quickly see the positive benefits of your hard work, getting you to the results far faster.

What can our female personal trainer Liverpool offer you?

  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Postural Correction
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Weight Loss and tone
  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Womens Fitness Classes
  • Online Female Personal Trainer
  • General Fitness

…Whatever your goal and wherever you are starting your own fitness journey, the female fitness trainers at Origym Liverpool are always on hand to help!

Our female gym instructors Liverpool have both the dedication and fitness know how to help you realise how to get results that last. Our female personal trainer Liverpool can offer you much more than your conventional “personal trainer”. Each member of our team is a qualified fitness professional, but each one undergoes continuous training and development through further education fitness courses that far exceeded the standards of the fitness industry education that you find in your local gym. Only the best female personal trainers in Liverpool will do for our members!

With Origym’s academy producing 50 personal trainers in Liverpool alone each month, we take the best female fitness trainers from the Liverpool gym courses, so you know your always working out with the best in the industry. With specialists in components of health and wellbeing you can probably see why we are the largest chain of independent personal training studios in the UK!


  • Free Nutritional Plans
  • Help and support whenever you need it
  • Bio Signature tests to keep you on track
  • Tailored Workouts down to the finest detail
  • A friendly, private environment to train
  • Train 1-2-1, in a group, or with our online female personal trainer
  • A community of like minded people
  • Multiple female trainers to help you achieve your goals
  • Female fitness experts in every area, whatever your goal
  • Results, Results and more Results!


  • Email, phone and online support
  • FREE access to our archive of useful articles
  • Bespoke nutritional plan
  • Workout plans for your own gym, outdoors and at home

The Female exercise instructors Liverpool will develop accompanying resources such as nutritional programs and gym schedules from when you want to train on your own as well as online or face to face, so you can train how you like.

Helping our clients through every step of their fitness journey is the cornerstone that Origym has derived, giving more help and support, not just whilst you physically here but also whilst your outside of the gym as this is where you can make the biggest difference to your health and wellbeing.

Utilising the invaluable experience of our female fitness trainers will exceed your expectations and help you confront you fitness goals with confidence, a feat our current clients are accustom.

Origym’s very own female personal trainers Liverpool, are not one-dimensional. Take a look at the different ways you could access their vast experience and get involved with fitness the way that suits you best:


Why train with an online female personal trainer?

  • Bespoke software customised to your individual fitness goals
  • Videos, plans and tracking all done online
  • Online nutritional plans to use in your very own gym
  • Train at the times you want
  • 24 hour communication and support
  • Can get help from more than one female fitness trainer

Origym has a network of clients from every corner of the globe. We write workout programmes, schedules and nutritional plans for clients in Brazil, China and all across the UK.

They choose Origym as our online female fitness trainers Liverpool are amongst the best around and we have built our reputation through delivering one thing…..Results!

With Origym you can tap into the knowledge of various female personal trainers as they all have their own speciality areas, ensuring regardless of your goal, you are talking with a female fitness expert within that particular field.

Our bespoke online platform, which has been developed by our team of expert personal trainers allows you to access videos, workout routines, useful, factual articles that you can develop your own education of health and fitness via. You will also be able to track your progress and see the difference you have made every step of the way!


Why train face-to-face and one to one with a female fitness trainer Liverpool?

  • Get face to face interaction with your female fitness trainer
  • Bio Signature and accurate progress tracking
  • Develop lasting relationships beyond the gym
  • Generates accountability for your training and results
  • Get that personal touch with every personal training session

Having face-to-face private personal training session with your very own female physical trainer is more than just turning up, training and then going home. At Origym Liverpool we are a community of both trainers and clients. You will get the benefits of our social activities both within the gym out and outside of it.

Having one to one sessions gives you that personal touch to every element of your training, from your workouts themselves, through to your diet and wellbeing plans. At Origym we hold every client accountable to their workout and nutrition plans as they are customised to your every need for a purpose, to get you to where you want to be. This is why on a weekly basis we will be ensuring you will adhering to our guidance and expertise both in the gym and away from it via bio signature and accurate body composition testing. This way you can see the difference you have made since you stated with our female personal trainers.


  • Kettlebell Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Circuits
  • Boxing & Pad Work
  • Strength and conditioning

Origym runs both female group personal training and womens only fitness classes. All our female personal trainers in Liverpool contribute with their own individual personality and style to these group sessions. They deviate from the normal personal trainer sessions. In fact, as well as our mandatory fitness classes we provide distinctive classes that are unique to our Liverpool fitness centre. The very reason that they are unique is because of the extensive additional qualifications and training our female fitness coach’s posses, which is why we can run these type of classes at our venues. These fitness classes are available for you and our female fitness trainers Liverpool would love to have you attend.


  • Fully Insured
  • Every trainer is registered with the register of exercise professionals
  • Developed and trained within Origym’s very own centre of excellence
  • Provided with extra free qualifications to give us the edge for your workouts

Our female personal trainers Liverpool are fully qualified fitness professionals, registered with REPs (register of exercise professionals), fully insured to give you piece of mind you are training with fully qualified fitness trainers. Origym’s sister company centre of excellence produces thousands of personal trainers across the UK each year and through the on-going training we always keep our female fitness trainers ahead of the game through continuous professional development courses and extra fitness qualifications that they can harness to use within your training, ensuring each session is different and engaging.

With countless experience in devising individual plans, group sessions and giving expert nutritional advice. But, don’t take our word for it! Read our testimonials, our clients do the talking for us!


If you are interested in maximising your workouts or trying something different, Origym’s fitness centre in Liverpool is for you. We are lucky to have the resources, the facility and the staff to develop such a diverse centre that will benefit your health and fitness to we know you want it to be. You will never have more opportunities to stay fit, look and feel great, anywhere else in Liverpool.

Please contact our female personal training team in Liverpool, to arrange a complimentary consultation. We will also happily show you around our Liverpool fitness centre and further introduce you to our staff.

For all of the women and men across Merseyside who want a female personal trainer, we want to make sure take you realise the benefits of your health, join our ever growing community of gym members and lets make fitness fun again!

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Through scientific analysis, ranging from sleep patterns, through to hormonal profiling you can lose fat with our team of specialists

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Tone and strengthen with our tailored nutrition and resistance training plans allowing you to reduce body fat whilst sustaining lean muscle

Postural & Injury Rehabilitation

If you have sustained an injury or have a postural issue that you need correcting, Origym’ team of qualified fitness trainers can help.

Muscle Building

Achieve lean tissue gains through our hypertrophy training programme combined with a nutrition plan to get you the muscular development you have always wanted

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