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The group Bootcamp Liverpool is designed to prepare you for events such as tough mudder and survival of the fittest, as well as if you just want to get a little fitter whilst having fun too. Get up and out for the morning bootcamp Liverpool and start your day with a great workout or attend our evening bootcamp classes out of our bespoke fitness facility.

Origym runs bootcamps for every fitness goal, whether you want to lose some weight, tone up, feel better or start taking your health and fitness a little more seriously, whatever your aim Origym’s helpful personal trainers are on hand to help in anyway they can!

Origym also offers bootcamp weekends in Liverpool, which are a fantastic way for us to get to know you a little better and to get you to your results that much faster. The bootcamp weekends Liverpool will focus on all around strength, stamina, cardio, core, fitness, determination and camaraderie, everything you need to feel fantastic about your body!


Origym creates different and unique group bootcamps for every level of fitness, whether you are a fitness novice or just want to freshen your exercise routine up, we are sure to have a type of bootcamp training for your needs. Take a look at the list below to see what suits you best:

  • Beach bootcamp Liverpool
  • Bikini bootcamp Liverpool
  • Ladies bootcamp Liverpool
  • Military bootcamp Liverpool
  • Fitness bootcamp Liverpool
  • Circuit bootcamp Liverpool
  • Extreme bootcamp Liverpool

You will get unlimited access to all of the different types of bootcamp as part of your membership, so you can go to as many fitness bootcamps as you like. If your looking for a fully body bootcamp in Liverpool you will be pleased to see Origym has all bases covered. You can select the bootcamp that you want, whether that being a more military focused one, circuits based or a ladies bootcamp. Simply choose the style of fitness bootcamp that you think you would enjoy the most or try a mixture of a few, the choice is completely up to you.



Origym did not become the No. 1 bootcamp in Liverpool by just offering the basics that you can find everywhere else. Our unprecedented help and support that our current clients can testify to will mean you only get 5 star treatment every time you attend the bootcamp gym Liverpool. You will get email support and guidance from our industry experts who are amongst some of the most qualified personal trainers in this sector. They all posses not just the relevant personal training certification but official REPS (register of exercise professionals) certificates in bootcamp fitness training to provide you with the best knowledge to help you get to your fitness goals.

Everything you will receive will be unique and bespoke to your needs and requirements. You will get a custom made diet plan as part of your membership, after all not all results are achieved in the bootcamp classes themselves. Our trainers are here to inspire, motivate and keep you on track by making you accountable for your results both at the bootcamp gym Liverpool and whilst your at home too.

The help and support you receive is literally second to none as you will have access to our customised online platform where you can access food recipes, challenging workouts that you can utilise in the gym and instant access to the online support of our highly qualified personal trainers, all at the click of your fingers. Equally if you prefer just give the office number a call or send us an email, Origym’s friendly team are always happy to help!


  • Fun & Challenging
  • With other like minded Individuals
  • Varied Each Week
  • Suitable for every fitness level
  • Great way to meet new people

Although fitness bootcamp by title sounds quite scary, the reality is very different! It is one of the most enjoyable ways to get involved in fitness and as it is held In small groups so you can get the most out ach and every session. It is a great way to meet other like-minded people who have already experienced the get fit boot camp Liverpool training journey! Just like you they all started from somewhere and just want to get fit and feel more confident, just like you. Regardless of your level of fitness, the bootcamp training Liverpool is about you as an individual and contrary to the name suggests is not just a bootcamp fitness instructor shouting and screaming down your ear!


Origym also offers online bootcamp in Liverpool, if you are not able to participate in the outdoor sessions, you might prefer to have the programming done online and train at your own convenience, at a time and location that suits you!

If you can, try to get out of the sterile gym environment and away from circuit training in the gym and instead Origym can offer you an all-weather outdoor training workout bootcamp in the forest and woodlands and local beach areas that simulate conditions and the environment of your obstacle course challenge. We will get you out there on the weekends, in the morning and get the training done working in a group bootcamp setting! Leaving you to enjoy whatever the rest of your weekend has to offer!

We will train you for the unknown aspects to eventing and make sure you are ready to take on the challenge and overcome any barriers or limitations. We will make sure you are versed, confident and agile to adapt physically and mentally to the challenges around you will face through our online bootcamp service.


 The outdoor bootcamp utilises the great outdoors in all its elements, from wild, heavily ridged, muddy forests to beach bootcamps. At Origym Liverpool, train in the terrain that simulates obstacle courses and endurance races, working on improving outdoor fitness, providing a sense of adventure with sessions that provide the ultimate outdoor bootcamp experience.

The get fit outdoor bootcamp, which will improve cardio, working outside, pushing through a full body bootcamp that is catered for males and females. Get the full ultimate bootcamp workout, which works the full body and will provide you with the survivor mentality! Everybody is welcome to the outdoor bootcamp training sessions as it is about you as an individual, your fitness levels and that is what we are here for, to help you every step of the way!

Origym bootcamp training Liverpool is not about letting you loose on an obstacle course. It is about exposing you to the similar environment of your up and coming obstacle race and teaching you all the skills that you will need to use and taking your fitness levels beyond your current abilities.

Training is progressive and you will be grouped with other male and females of similar abilities.

Training will include:

  • Functional Movement, it is becoming an intrinsic aspect to most training regimes and disciplines. The important aspect to Functional Movements are that movements that mimic everyday tasks, activities.
  • Functional Movements will incorporate such movements as: Deadlift with a kettlebell; Deep squats; Turkish Get up exercise with kettlebell and movements such as the Bear crawl. Each of these movements should be purposeful, however are taught in such away, that they are repetitive and help to improve neuromuscular efficiency.

In the case of lifting movements each lift is about precision, getting the range of movement to be precise and effective, time after time. In the case of bear crawls you can crawl across the floor around and around again gaining good core abdominal and deltoid strength.

Natural Movement is different in every way possible. Yes we may do the same range of movements, plus many more, but that is it when the similarity ends. You see every movement or repetition outdoors is determined by:

  • The terrain having an uneven surface may it be mud, stones, leaves and roots.
  • The uneven shape of the object such as logs and stones.
  • The centre of balance being different on every object because they are not symmetrical.
  • The hand grip is different every time you catch, lift, throw, push or pull an object such as a stone, log or branch.
  • The weather being cold, damp, slippery, wet, icy or muddy.

This puts demands on you mentally, physically, energetically, intellectually and spiritually.

If every dead-lift of a log is individual not only does it train you in all of these ways it develops the muscles and neurological system in such a way that your dexterity, strength, power, flexibility, agility and accuracy develops to a more heightened level.

Therefore, when you are running your muddy trail run; challenged by the next obstacle on your Spartan Race; or simply go to lift your bike onto your roof rack your body is trained to physically adapt to the needs of the situation when it comes to dealing with the unknown or unknowable needs of the situation that you are confronted with in your normal day or sporting discipline!

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